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We posses an excellent team of 20 software engineers experienced in - 

  • Java and Internet technologies 

  • Web applications development 

  • Javascript, CGI, PERL, PHP, VBscript, ActiveX 

  • Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, WebLogic 

  • Web site Planning, design, Upgrade 

  • Gif animations, Flash, Macromedia, Lingo Scripting 

  • PHP, MySQL, Web Databases 

  • Oracle & Developer 2000, Jdeveloper, WebDB 

  • Oracle and Visual Basic 6.0 

  • ColdFusion, SQL Server, Oracle 

  • Access, ASP & VB Applications 

  • C, C++, Visual C++ 


Our Developers:

Our Developers love challenging assignments and are ready to sacrifice their sleep in exchange for challenging work! 

  • All Our developer are BrainBench Certified.

  • We have Oracle Certified DBA (OCP)on our team.

  • We have Java Certified Professionals (JCP) on our team.