Prism News

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, this is the place to look at!. 

  • Prism Announces Training on Oracle Developer 2000 for Corporate clients. 

  • Prism Introduces Upgrade service for Software. Prism Software On the Web. See the Press Release for more details. 

  • Prism announces Hotelier - Customised solution for Hotels See the Hotelier Product page for more details. 


Press Releases

These are the press releases issued by Prism. 
You may search by keyword. 

  • 27th Jul 1998-- Prism Software on the Web 

  • 1 st May1998-- Prism Gets STP approval. 

  • 10th Apr 1998- Prism opens its 100 % Export Oriented Unit. 

  • The Media Coverage of Prism Software 

    Prism has been constantly in the news for its technological advances.

Here's is a sampling of what media has to say about Prism

  • Prism introduces Oracle developer training, The Hitavada, 20/7/98

  • Prism introduces training on Internet, The Hitavada July 1997 

  • Prism Boss going places, The Hitavada, June 1996 

  • Prism Software Products, Apple Asia Buyer Guide June 1995 

  • Prism at Apple Asia developer showcase Macchooser, June1995 

  • Prism Introduces Computer Literacy Program, Lokmat, August 1994